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Ah yes, nothing says "morning after boozing" like a hot bowl of chili and more beer. These happy girls were with me til roughly 7 that same morning, finishing off our 'official' NMW partying. Four hours of sleep, then this?

Here are the cheerful contestants, awaiting their chili-fate.

Here's the early crowd enjoying the free grub, sloughing off the hangovers with additional alcohol, and basking in the sunshine that's almost hitting the patio behind the Arts Club where they're all sitting.

Servin' up Ma Priske's secret time-tested recipe.

We started NMW with them, now we're finishing it with them. Dawn and Todd cooked up the only vegetarian chili in the contest. What's that, Todd?

An erotic pepper in my chili?? Where's Edward Weston when you need him?

There's Tommy Floyd from Outlaw Entertainment, who organized the whole event, giving some inspiring words to the chefs.

It was all very filling, and surprisingly didn't turn my stomach. This is apparently the first annual cookoff... ooh I can't wait!

Is this a chili cookoff or a clothing/designer eyewear ad?

Chili rocks! Yum Yum.

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